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One day, I met a rabbit in the woods. It smiled shyly at me.

Mom told me to never talk to people I do not know, but she never told me not to play with rabbits I do not know.

And then we found a huge huge carrot.
Even with all our strength, we couldn’t pull it out from the ground.

Along came a giant rabbit who helped us pull it out.
We were surprised to find an angry rabbit at the other end of the carrot.
“It took great effort to bring this carrot home. Why did you pull it out?” the angry rabbit exclaimed.

Thinking again, the angry rabbit calmed down and offered to share the carrot with us since he could not finish it on his own.
After spending 3 hours and 2 minutes eating, we still could not finish the huge huge carrot.

With full stomachs and plenty of energy, we ran across the green fields joyfully.
Everyone’s cheeks were red as roses.

It rained heavily.
Luckily, we found shelter under a big big mushroom.

After the rain, a beautiful rainbow appeared.

As night approaches, we were all exhausted and fell asleep soundly.
Wishing you a good night and sweet dreams.

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