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A big big bear hug to welcome everyone here!

Here are some simple information about this website :D


This is the main page, showcasing my latest storybooks and blog posts. I have specially hand-drawn banners for each of the other sections, hope you like them!

Story book

Showing online storybooks written and hand-drawn by me, available in both English and Chinese versions.

Currently most of the English versions are done with assistance from my friends, so please do not mind my grammatical mistakes and do correct me if you can,  so hopefully one day i can write with fluent English too!


Sharing a short story of me.


If you want to share with me some secrets…. or anything you want to tell me, only me, drop me a message here. Sometimes, I am also available for hire, so do get in touch if you’re interested in my drawings, handicrafts or sewing.


This is my personal blog, the post will be separated into 4 main categories:


This category will showcase my drawings, paintings, and digital illustrations. The banner was specially drawn to show my favorite drawing tools: watercolors, pencils and of course my trusty companion who is always by my side, Evan the MacBook Pro.


This category will showcase my handicrafts. I just love doing handicrafts, especially in making toys out of recycled goods. In the future, I also hope to teach handicraft to children in Sunday school!


This category will showcase all the products I sewn. I do most of my sewing with my mom’s sewing machine, which is getting old and creaky, but still working like a charm. Sewing is a new hobby I came to learn and love recently, so some of my sewing may not be that neat… but… give me time and I promise to surprise you!


God is the greatest designer in the world… I am always in awe with how beautiful this world is. This category will be focused on sharing wonderful things i see, through the eyes of my old partner, Nono the Canon 350D DSLR Camera, and his new pal, Hari the Digital Harinezumi Lomo Toy Camera. This banner has also great meaning to me, on the left is the city of Kuala Lumpur, and on the right is the beach in my hometown.

I really hope you will like my website, do make sure to follow my updates through twitter, facebook or RSS.

Have a nice day! =)

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