How to make a Christmas tree

December 23rd, 2011   |   Handicraft   |  

1. Get some recycled paper and then connect and fold them into a triangular shape.

2. If you’re paper isn’t big enough, feel free to use some glue to connect multiple pieces of paper.

3. Cut off the folded parts.

4. Get some Blu-Tack.

5. Stick the triangular paper on the wall with Blu-Tack.

6. Get some painting material. I used acrylic for mine, you can use marker pen, color pencil, poster color, or anything else you prefer :D

7. Paint the triangular paper into a Christmas tree!

8. Get some Christmas tree lights and use Blu-Tack to stick them in a zig-zag pattern.

9. Stick a star at the top of the Christmas tree, wear your red Christmas hat….then turn on the Christmas lights!

Merry Christmas :D

Pipit Wonderful Market 6

May 6th, 2011   |   Drawing, Handicraft, Life   |  

I will be at Pipit Wonderful Market 6 tomorrow!

date : 7th May 2011 , Saturday
venue : Annexe Gallery , Central Market , KL

Annual creative festival for local creative talent , handmade craft , art design , independent brand and unique limited items that you shouldn’t missed out !

I made some music boxes…

Can you spot the little ladybird?

And a new storybook too…

They will all be going to the Pipit Wonderful Market 6!

IF ● Proverb

September 14th, 2010   |   Drawing, Handicraft   |  

If God shuts one door, he opens another. – David O. Dykes

Since this week’s illustration Friday theme is proverb, I decided to draw and paint a greeting card with my favorite proverb. I kind of like the feeling of having a small door that I can open and take a peek inside the card.

This is how it looks outside

Take a little peek inside the door…..and see who is there…hehe!

And this is the inside of the card.

Have a great day everyone! ♥

Crocodile puppet!

August 22nd, 2010   |   Handicraft   |  

Let’s do craft with your children, or younger brother/sister or nephew/niece.

Spend time with them and make them love you more! :D

Anyway, you can also do it by yourself and feel happy like a kid!


How to make crocodile puppet?

1. Get some longish rectangular boxes

2. Cut into half but left one face

3. Paint it with acrylic

4. Paint eyes on top

5. Paint sharp teeth on sides

6. Paint tongue inside.

7. Paint the nose. Done!


July 26th, 2010   |   Drawing, Handicraft, Life, Sewing   |  

A big big bear hug to welcome everyone here!

Here are some simple information about this website :D

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